4. Back testing with Meta Trader 4 (2)

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1. Opening the imported 1-minute period data

We have successfully imported 1-minute period chart data to Meta Trader by the process (1) on the previous page. To display the data on a chart, we have to go through the following steps.

First of all, select "File > Open Offline." A window like the picture below will be opened.

Open Offline Chart - MetaTrader 4

Choose "USDJPY, M1" from the data on the left.
If the Alpari data is imported properly, it should contain the data after 2004.
If you can’t find the data, go back to (1) and check if you have restarted Meta Trader.

When you click the Open button, the 1-minute period chart data after 2004 will be displayed on the chart.

2. Modifying the temporal axis to 5-minute period (1-hour period,  etc.)

Now, let’s modify the 1-minute period data we have opened to a 5-minute period chart or 1-hour period data. For example, we will convert the USDJPY data to a 5-minute period data. To change the period of the data, we’ll use the script named “Period converter” which is already included in Meta Trader from the beginning.

The specific process will be like this:

Period Converter - MetaTrader 4

  1. Click and open Navigator Script
  2. Double click period_converter
  3. Double click the value column on the period_converter window, which we have opened before, to change the value of ExtPeriodMuitiplier to “5”.
    (This is to convert the period to 5-minute. If you want to convert it to 10-minute period, change it to “10”. If to hour, set it to “60.”)
  4. Click OK.

When you have finished converting, choose "File > Open Offline" as you did in step 1 and display “Open Offline Chart."

Open Offline Chart 2 - MetaTrader 4

Confirm that the "USDJPY, M5" data is updated and that the data begins from 2004.
To open this file, please select it and click the Open button.