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Risk Disclosure

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FX trading involves a high level of risks.

  • If the market makes an unexpected move, the settlement order will bring about a loss of your funds.
  • The settlement order will be executed automatically when your potential loss reaches Stop Loss level, or loss cut level of your bloker. 
  • The high leverage can result in significant losses of your funds.

Additionally, the following risks will be carried with trading with a bloker located outside your country.

  • Your funds may not be protected under the Bunkruptcy Code in the country.
  • There is a possibility of losses when the fund is calculated to your currency, even if the fund is prevented from losses in its currency. 


This website introduces and explains automated FX trading and does not aim the solicitation of it. The owner believes the information on this website is reliable, but does not guarantee the accuracy, nor will he compensate for any losses resulted from the use of the information provided on this website. TRADE ON YOUR OWN RISK.